Our HEATWISE Heat Treatment Process Tracking Software is a tool to manage furnaces, orders, customers, and all related processes in a steel casting environment.


Thanks to this software which can be customised for you, you can create offers for customers with different templates, manage alloy supplements and control processes by remote on IOS or Android-based phones.

Heat Treatment Management

You can create heat treatment forms, make furnace assignments and easily manage the entire process.

Customer Tracking

You can register the companies you work with, track their orders, track turnover and balance, and store contact information.

Order Tracking

You can follow all company or furnace based orders and related heat treatment processes in detail.

Offer Management

You can create offers for your customers, generate PDFs and sent them through the system as well as archive them.

Finance Tracking

Thanks to the multi-currency feature, you can store orders in different currencies and follow up the current account.

Reporting & Graphics

You can generate reports for transactions, annual/monthly turnover, furnace data, graphs and reports for the entire system.

Smart Notifications

In heat treatment processes, you can send notifications to the personnel and take action according to the status of the process.

System Management

You can manage user and role management, restrict access, control log records, create templates etc.

Main Characteristics