Modern Customer Relationship Management systems sometimes drive their users crazy because of complicated and inflexible structures.

We will adapt our CRM to your needs – including usage on mobile devices, interaction with Project Management, Stock Tracking and internal messaging features etc.. Tell us what you need: our CRM is not just a CRM – it is extra for you!

Do you know this? Somehow you feel that your software is not fulfilling your needs but your IT department has no capacities left for creating something new.

By using our tailor-made software solutions, you can increase your business efficiency, make your processes more transparent and efficient, and gain competitive advantage.

We are here to develop the software that suits the exact needs of your business.

Our HEATWISE Heat Treatment Process Tracking Software is a tool to manage furnaces, orders, customers, and all related processes in a steel casting environment.


Thanks to this software which can be customised for you, you can create offers for customers with different templates, manage alloy supplements and control processes by remote on IOS or Android-based phones.

This AI assisted surgery planning and follow-up system is a life and game-changer for any doctor who wants to securely simulate and map out surgeries, keep notes, organise, and evaluate patient-related information.  At the same time, patients will be able to preview, safely organise and store their own health data. This mighty tool comes in a user-friendly interface which is fun to use.  It is like your good friend whenever you need the most important data of your life: your health!


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