Artificial intelligence assisted surgery planning and follow-up system


Doctors’ surgery processes are more efficient,
help them manage in a secure and interactive way is an artificial intelligence supported software application. Doctors can keep surgery notes, patients will be able to store their information and a user-friendly platform where they can perform simulations platform.


Voice Recognition Technology

We are now stepping into an era where doctors can create surgery notes just by speaking. We are speeding up the process even more with the features of taking surgery notes with voice and automatic post-operative form filling.

3D Face Simulation

By initially focusing on rhinoplasty surgeries, we enable patients to see the results of the surgery in advance. By creating a 3D simulation with only three photos, we enable your patients to get one step closer to their new nose.

Photo Storage

As an optional module, we offer a photo storage module for organised storage and labelling of pre- and post-operative photos. Manage your surgical processes better.

Chatbot Support

As an optional module, we offer the option to use a ChatBot for minor questions after surgery. It provides more support and ease of communication for patients and doctors.

Younique aims to clarify patients’ expectations by allowing them to see pre-operative results, while also assisting doctors during surgery and facilitating post-operative reporting processes. With these features, both patient satisfaction and the efficiency of doctors’ workflows are enhanced

  • 3D Simulation for Preoperative Visualization
  • Training Artificial Intelligence Models
  • Surgery Monitoring for Doctors
  • Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Report and Summary Generation