Tungsten Carbide Rods

Tools steel makers do not only require accuracy in terms of dimensions, grades and metallurgical properties. They also need semi-finished products which adapt to the demands of the working conditions (such as air humidity, cooling conditions etc.). Our manufacturer boasts decades of experience in this field, always striving to find the best method to enhance longevity and performance of your tools

Our hardmetal rods for drilling devices and end-milling cutters can be distinguished by the following

  • Ground vs. unground
  • With cooling channels vs. plain bar
  • Multi-cooling channels vs. single cooling channels
  • Spiral formed channels vs. regular formed channels


Tungsten Carbide forms a matrix which can be ideally used in cutting and tooling applications due to its high resistance to temperature fluctuations and thermal shock.

Our customers´ end mills and solid carbide drills must correspond to the highest standards by providing maximum performance in combination with optimal tool life and easy machinability – even for complex geometries. Please consult us for your specific demands and wishes so that we can offer a tailor-made product for your individual application.