Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten Carbide Rings are a powder metallurgical product and are usually used in the prefinishing to  finishing stands of bar rolling lines as well as in the monoblock of wire rolling lines, i. e. in all places where grooves and surfaces of the rings demand are exposed to extreme conditions.

The rings must be selected according to the actual working condition.  We will help you to understand your specific needs and recommend the proper grades by detailed analysis of all roll parametres provided, such as equipment type, rolling charge, rolling speed, cooling conditions, processing temperature and steel grades produced.  Grades with higher binder contents have good strength and toughness while grades of low binder content usually come with high hardness and good wear resistance.

Our hard metal rings can be delivered in pure cobalt and mixed binder qualities.  They are also available in various grain sizes. Rings for Kocks-rolling facilities and roller guides in tungsten or titanium carbide round off our product range.

We supply high-quality tungsten carbide rings for steel rolling mills.  Our customers are amongst the leading companies of Europe.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and sintering technologies from the USA and Germany, our partner produces more than 20 different qualities in regular series as well as special grades developed for our customers´ demands.  Our research and development facilities always test and evaluate new materials and compositions in order to anticipate the continuously growing quality requirements of our customers.

Moreover, we offer you our technical support concerning the optimization and enhancement of your rolling line.  We will find the best solution for your technical equipment.  Please consult us to receive your tailor-made offer.