Tungsten Carbide Blades


The tungsten carbide cutting and slitting blades made by powder metallurgic method are widely used for the cutting of non-ferrous metals, cardboard/paper, chemical fibres, graphite and plastic.  Due to its high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, tungsten carbide is the ideal material for any cutting device. The components of our tungsten carbide are WC (hard phase) and cobalt (binder phase).  The physical properties and the alloys depend on the grain size of WC and the percentage of hard phase and binder phase, resulting in different material grades for different applications.

Slitting Blades for Corrugated Board

Our slitting blades for the corrugated board are one of our best-selling product lines. We boast suitable blades for all common machine types with high performance and a fair price.

Blades for Printing Industry

Another application of our tungsten carbide products is inserted for bookbinding and paper processing. Again, these products are customizable for individual requirements.

Bottom Blades for Rewinding Machines

These blades are one of our most competitive products. These blades are inlaid with tungsten carbide rings (single or double-sided). Our bottom blades for rewinding machines feature high strength, wear resistance and long working life.

Slitting Blades for Metal

Due to their high hardness our sheet metal slitting blades (for non-ferrous metal sheets) are ideal. Common sizes range from dia. 150 to dia. 340 mm but we can customize the sizes according to your specific needs.

Blades for Lithium Battery Industry

Our high precision cutting blades are ideal for this industry. They are made of sub-fine or super-fine tungsten carbide powders. After powder metallurgic processing and machining, our blades boast high precision and long working life. Each blade is controlled by cutting edge amplification test.

Chemical Fiber Cutting Blades

These blades can be used, e.g. for the cutting of polypropylene and other plastic films. As with our other products, these blades are customizable for individual requirements.