Cast Rolls and Rings


We provide you with cast rolls and rings for steel rolling mills in all regular qualities and dimensions. Our customers are bar & wire rod as well as strip and section mills. We are able to supply two types of cast rolls:
1. Static cast
2. Centrifugal cast

Our partner in Italy boasts 3 electric induction melting furnaces for liquid preparation, one of 6 tons and two of 15 tons capacity and gas furnaces for heat treatments.  All furnaces are automatically controlled by PLC.

Only top quality raw materials and alloys are used to charge our melting furnaces.  We also make use of mechanized plants for the preparation of sands and automatic machines for flask moulding. The total capacity amounts to 8.000 to/year.

The production in Italy boasts two Machine Shops:  one is directly connected to the foundry by roller conveyors for transferring rough castings to the Machining Department. The two shops have horizontal, vertical and numerical control lathes, boring, milling and grinding machines as well as everything necessary to supply the customers with rolls ready to use. The equipment allows to produce pieces up to a diameter of 1.400 mm.

The Lab has a spectrometer for chemical analysis in real time on the specimens taken during the preparation of the liquid in melting furnaces as well as on the samples taken from rolls for production control.  The spectrophotometer is used for special analysis and for the evaluation of ferroalloys.  Moulding sands are controlled by special devices.  Metallographic tests are carried out on produced materials by means of an optical microscope which can verify the conformity of structures.

Completely finished machined rolls are transferred from the Machine Shop to the Inspection and Shipping Department.  The final inspection includes: dimensional controls, hardness and ultrasonic test and any other control required by the customer.  The roll number assigned to each roll at the beginning of the production cycle is now stamped on the roll, for a quick and exact identification of the product.  Painting and packing represent the final steps of the production cycle which is completed by shipping.

Indefinite Chill Cast Iron Rolls


Indefinite chill cast iron rolls are used above all as pre-finishing and finishing rolls for rods, flats, light and medium sections.

Clear Chill Cast Iron Rolls

Clear chill cast iron rolls are used for intermediate, pre-finishing and finishing stands of open and continuous mill for rod and wire-rod and pre-finishing and finishing stands for narrow strips.  They are also used as guide rollers.

Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Rolls

These rolls are used mainly in wire, rod, light, medium and heavy section mills.  The ferritic/pearlitic matrix is used for roughing stands where high thermal stress can take places, pearlitic types are for roughing and preparing stands and the acicular matrix is rather for pre-finsihing and finishing stands.

Hypereutectoid Steel Rolls, Graphitic Steel Rolls, High Chrome Rolls

Steel base rolls are used for roughing, preparing, pre-finishing and finishing stands, for light, medium and heavy sections where high mechanical properties are required in severe rolling conditions.  Graphitic steel rolls are mainly suitable for environments with high thermal stress.